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Jun 06

It all began with the newspaper

The first media form invented was the newspaper. It was a great invention and is still used daily in our modern society. But media has also evolved, there are now several forms of media, not only the basic papers. The internet has had an tremendous role in this evolution, information is now accessable for everyone around the world for free. You can find daily news on the news websites but you an also get information from social networks, bookmark websites, blogs etc. And now that nearly every mobile phone has internet it is also possible to access all this information without a computer, when your in the train for example. The information has become easy to find and to get at hand.


There are also loads of magasines, flyers and poster which flood of with information all the time. An other media form is the radio, which you could only listen to if you had a radio station. A great inovation was when these machines were installed in cars. But now once again thanks to the internet you can listen to nearly any channel in the world at any time on your mobile phone such as the iphone. You can find all sort of different free radio applications you can download. You no longer more need an adition antenna device like you used to with ipods.
Despite being able to get any information at any time, the quality has greatly lower, because there is simply so much. Newspaper have to struggle to survive and therefore the serieous ones still offer quality articles. However some new free newspapers have emerged, which are full of advertising and shock articles, and in these news paper the information is very poor.

Television is also a good media form, you can watch the news and get all the latests information around the world. And most of there news can also be found later on the internet as videos or small articles

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